The purpose of this visual research project is to document the visual representations of spiritual practices as a way for the artist to start forming her personal spiritual practice. Definitions of spirituality vary. According to Rina Arya spirituality is “an umbrella term that refers to a series of certain outlooks on life," to Matthew Rowe it is “understood as meaning ‘pertaining to the spirit’ with the spirit not having a necessarily religious connotation”  and to Kieran Flanagan and Peter C. Jupp “spirituality signifies an indispensable dimension of what it is to be human." Emilija's exploration of spirituality as an immaterial concept consisted of the use of comparative visual research to create a catalogue of objects used in worship. A sacred item used in worship is the most tangible aspect of spirituality, because it can be held and seen, because of its materiality. Three main categories guided the photographs: documenting the object itself, the object as it is being used, and the object as it sits in its stored position.