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What new year’s resolution you should be making according to your zodiac sign


With the ever so eminent new year on your doorstep, you might be reflecting back on the last year and naturally looking forward to the next. There are many ways this looking forward can take shape. On one hand, Youtube is making us believe that everyone and their grandma is compiling a 2023 goal list (combined with a goal tracker and a monthly budget planner of course). On the other hand, the ‘yearly intention-word’ trend has seen a steady climb as the ‘coup de resistance’ for those leading busy lives.


Even this quicker and more high-level approach is not fool proof though. Some have a hard time coming up with one word to guide a whole year. Others find that throughout the year their goals change and the chosen word no longer fits. And as time goes on, the long 12 months make it difficult to keep in touch with the why behind the word and lead many to abandon ship.


But what if there is a way to work with this thematic yearly approach, without the difficulty of coming up with one for yourself, or losing your connection to it as the year goes by?  Enter astrology!


The zodiac archetypes in astrology (think Cancer, Leo and Taurus for example) each signify a major theme that the sign is navigating their entire life. Because this is a lifelong theme, it’s unlikely that the connection to it will be lost. As a matter of fact, we’re constantly faced with situations where we need to learn, explore and navigate this lesson, in all major areas of our life.  Do you have a major life lesson that you feel like the universe keeps throwing your way? One month it’s claiming your courage at your workplace, and the next in your relationships? That’s your life theme!

Are you curious what new year’s resolution (or shall we call it ’life resolution’?) you should be making according to your zodiac sign? Read on to find out!



My 2023 new year’s resolution is to meet all challenges that come
my way with courage and triumph. I will not cower
down when difficult things come my way. Rather I will know that I have the strength and courage to meet them not matter how scary they may seem.



My 2023 new year’s resolution is to never lose touch with my ideals for a better future. No matter how grim life may seem sometimes, I will continue slowly making my world and everyone else’s, match the beautiful and abundant vision I hold in my mind.



My 2023 new year’s resolution is to remain curious and open to other’s ideas and experiences. I will listen more than I talk. I will continue learning new things, listening to fresh ideas and exploring every interest I get. 


My 2023 new year’s resolution is to feel all the feelings, no matter how heavy or light. I will keep my heart open and know that I can trust the universe no matter how heavy or scary it may seem.


My 2023 new year’s resolution is to continue expressing my personality with a childlike innocence. I will continue to sing, dance and play. Every time somebody stares at me weirdly or tells me to stop, I will do it louder and harder.



My 2023 new year’s resolution is to develop a habit that can be of service to others. As long as this habit is helping someone, I will continue to practice it.
I am replacing perfection with purpose.



My 2023 new year’s resolution is to find serenity and keep it, no matter what life throws my way. Even when things around me are chaotic, I know that I can find peace and equilibrium inside myself.


My 2023 new year’s resolution is to live every day as it’s the last. I will only follow things that light my world on fire and make me excited to get out of bed each morning.



My 2023 new year’s resolution is to continue to search for life’s meaning. I will commit only to things that are truly worthy of my time. Life is too short for anything else.



My 2023 new year’s resolution is to live with integrity. I will seek my own self respect and approval by living and acting in alignment with my deepest intentions.



My 2023 new year’s resolution is to continue standing by my truth, even if  that makes me stand out from the group. My guiding north star is my authentic expression of ideas. I will stop silencing myself for social approval, as that doesn’t satisfy my soul.



My 2023 new year’s resolution is to let go of the material world. I will seek states of flow where I direct my attention from the physical reality and direct it towards pure awareness of my inner world.

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