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Everything in your birth chart is there for a reason (because you choose it before coming to earth)


Trust. Trust that the universe has your back.


It sounds like the beginning of an Elizabeth Gilbert book, I know.


The truth is that everything in your birth chart is there for a reason. It might be hard to believe that when you hate the fact that you are a Cancer zodiac. You cry over everything and find it difficult to gain independence from your relationships. Why couldn’t you just be cool and calm like the rest of your friends? The pendulum could swing the other way for somebody else, hating the fact that they have a moon in Virgo. It’s so cold hearted and they find it difficult to stop asking for perfection from themselves. Why did the ‘universe’ punish them with this?


As with all of our less pleasant qualities the real work begins when we accept them and learn to work with them. The same is true for our less desired astrological placements. No matter how much we wish they were different, they are here because we chose them. As a matter of fact, we chose everything in our birth chart before coming to Earth.



Or at least that’s the theory that evolutionary astrology presents. It goes like this: We all live many lives and in each of them we experience all aspects of the human experience, from heartbreak, to loneliness, to riches and abundance. Not all lives get wrapped up neatly, as some lessons are so deep (and we are so stubborn), that multiple lives are required to sort them through. Perhaps in a past life we had all the riches and abundance but went overboard with consumption and holding on to things and people. On the other hand, we may have had an open and giving heart, to the point of staying in an abusive relationship way past its due date. In this lifetime, we returned to finish the story in a better way.


This second chance doesn’t mean that we’ll attract the same circumstances. We won’t necessarily have the same name, same body or be in the same abusive relationship. But the need for us to learn to stand up for ourselves will be the main theme again this time around. Perhaps in this lifetime the theme will manifest in our career or with our family. And the placements in our birth chart help us with integrating it.


Everything in the birth chart is here to support us with our mission this time around (actually every time around). For example, even though it might not always seem like it, our Capricorn Venus ensures that we seek deep and meaningful connections, making it less likely that we’ll end up in a surface level relationship. Our Leo sun is also a helper, ensuring we are expressing ourselves to the fullest, and learning about how to stand tall in our pride. They are actually all little gifts we gave to ourselves, with the goal of learning our lessons this time around.  And the fun part is that even when one lesson is learned another one manifests, keeping the cycle of birth and re-birth going.


Of course, at the end of the day we all have free will. We get to choose to continue silencing our voice in relationships or letting ourselves be stepped all over. And that’s okay. However, at the end of the day (or should I say end of the life) our souls will come back. In another country, another body and another time, ready to present us again the chance to really grasp what it means to be deeply bonded and vulnerable with another. Or at least that’s what I’m told. I have yet to die and come back.

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