This utility box can be found on the corner of Marlborough drive and 52 Street NE in Calgary, Canada. The design is inspired by the drawings from the community at the Marlborough 2018 Stampede Breakfast where Emilija prompted the community to answer in drawings their favorite part of living in Marlborough. Inspiration was taken from those drawings and they were arranged in the end result, which can be seen from above. Along with the color palette, the elements in this design evoke memories of warmth, laughter and childhood memories. These were the emotions that kept coming up during the engagement session. As Emilija found out that day, the residents of the Marlborough community connect to each other, to the city, to the memories and resources in their community. It is the artist's vision that the people that walk, drive or bike by this box, will remember the comfort and sense of belonging present in their own home.