Emilija Angelovska (born in Macedonia, living in the Netherlands) is an artist, educator, and change agent.

Emilija has shown her work in galleries in Amsterdam, Calgary and Edmonton, Alongside her artistic and research practice she holds professional experience from the Smithsonian Institution and Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. In 2016 she was the recepient of the Kathleen & Russell Lane Canadian Art Award.

All three facets of Angelovska's work are motivated by her fascination with how humans construct their social identity and cultivate a feeling of belonging. In the past this led her into an exploration of embodied memory of her religious belonging. Currently it’s manifesting as an exploration into art’s ability in strengthening social identity, due to its capacity of going beyond the pragmatic and engaging with the imaginative. Readings include Jean-Luc Nancy, Lev Vygotsky and Nira Yuval-Davis.

Visually Emilija's interests manifest mostly in drawings, but also in photography, installation and video. Evoking instruction manuals and visual journalism forms, her work engages with elements such as duplicity and layering. The depth created in the work is reflective of three-dimensional space, while still exhibiting self-reflection upon itself as a flat image. Often working by changing mediums, turning a photo into a drawing, a drawing into a sculpture, a sculpture into a photo, or a drawing into a photo, results in abstraction and evokes miscommunication.

Emilija's ambition, love for learning, connection and interest in all things unconventional (especially in a fairly traditional and ‘proper’ art world) lead her to starting the Back to the Drawing Board podcast. The interviews with more than 60 respected individuals from all around the world, from artists, curators, entrepreneurs, festival organizers, CEO’s, writers and critics, validate her work with insight. An important aspect of this project is the transfer of knowledge to the public about these practices and themes, which Emilija hopes inspires further out-of-the-box thinking. Her role as a podcast host, coupled with experience working at multiple museums and galleries, not only inform her visual practice but they also make up a different approach to the thematic interest. This approach addresses the theme from a different standpoint and therefore with a different result, making up the two of the three facets of Emilija's practice: educator and change agent.



Returning to Mediation: Drawing as the Fundamental Pictorial Act, 2019

Spitting Out: Embodiment versus Animacy, 2019

Revealing and Concealing: The Abstract and Material Community Art Project, 2019

Pragmatic Theories: The Autonomous Practice of Artists Working in the Public Sphere, 2018

Embodied Experience: Institutions and Spirituality, 2017